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Revealing 2023’s Biggest Trends With Students, Tech, & Social Media

Revealing 2023’s Biggest Trends With Students, Tech, & Social Media

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)


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Social media has one of the biggest influences on students’ well-being, and students’ attitudes and behaviors around technology are evolving as fast as digital devices themselves. 

The Social Institute will share results from the world’s largest school survey about students, teens, and social media. Learn what tens of thousands of students across the country think about the most popular apps, the role of technology in school culture, how they would navigate difficult yet common social situations that involve technology, and more.


Marley ViaChelsea Lopez
Senior Partnership Specialist, The Social Institute

Chelsea Lopez is a digital native with over 5 years of experience in education, K-8. She began her teaching career as a special education teacher before taking on the role of intervention coordinator. In her time in education, she was also a middle school cheerleading coach, softball coach, and assistant athletic director. Currently, she is a senior partnership specialist at The Social Institute, helping develop partnerships with schools across the country. She has presented at CSCA, NWAIS, and other leading education conferences.